We Proudly Accept
DigiClick is an advertising platform allowing the exchange of digitalcoin directly for website visits. Our advanced platform and security guarantees unique, real, and interested viewers for your needs.

» Features:
  • Earn digitalcoin for viewing advertisements
  • Use the DGC earned to buy advertisements or withdraw.
  • Trouble free direct exchange system
  • Gain referrals and earn even more DGC
  • Spend your DGC at DGCMarket.com or exchange it at Cryptsy.Com
  • Anonymous and community driven
  • Geographic Advertisement Targeting
This site requires that adblock be disabled to function. Advertisement banners found at the top and bottom of the site are purchased through the advertising system.
As a member of DigiClick.Co, you automatically have access to our advanced features and the lowest prices you'll find for quality visits.

» Features:
  • Advanced targeting and control tools
  • Advertise any website
  • Gain massive exposure
  • Choose from a diverse selection of options
  • Detailed advertising statistics using GeoMap
  • Advanced anti-cheat protection and detection
  • Unique advertising methods
  • All advertisement views from not logged in visitors are free.